Saturday, 17 March 2012

Make Facebook Fan Page

Are you interested in increasing your fan base on Facebook? Is it important to you to have a lot of people joining your Facebook page? You have come to the right place if this is what you desire. A lot of online marketers are realizing the value of <strong>making a Facebook fan page</strong> and building a large fan base. However, many of them are struggling to add targeted fans to their page since they aren't putting in any external efforts when it comes to growing their page. Learn how to grow your Facebook fans with these three simple to use tips.

1) Create an email signature that includes a link to your fan page. A good thing about email signatures is that when your email gets forwarded by someone, your signature goes along with it. This is one way to get your strategy going viral as the email begins to circulate. With email being the most common method of communicating on the web, you will find that you are communicating as an internet marketer with different people daily. Many see this as an ineffective method because they don't realize just how important every fan on your page really is. So, the more channels you use to funnel in the traffic to it, the better.

2) Ask your Facebook friends to suggest your page to their friends. This is a great way to get more fans through your friends. Then your friends can ask their friends to do the same thing to their friends. Your page can go viral as soon as a person adds you as a friend because it is instantly added to their news feed for everyone to see. If their friends notice your site and visit they might become a fan too or even join your page.

3) If you have a little money to invest, there's a good opportunity you can take advantage of. You can get lots of visitors to your fan page through Facebook social ads! You've probably seen these ads on Facebook, and they can send people to your fan page. Luckily, you can get clicks very inexpensively, so you can get by with a small budget. What's more, studies have already shown that Facebook social ads work the best with fan pages because people are more familiar with them. If you can purchase clicks for a few cents and increase your number of fans, it can be well worth it. Just make sure that you do your homework before putting in your money.

If you've ever used Google AdWords, you'll be happy to know that Facebook ads are a lot simpler, so it's no problem to set them up. It's simple enough to begin with a modest budget and do some testing with your ads, tracking results until you find a high converting ad you can keep using. There's no better way to get traffic to your fan page than Facebook social ads, as long as you can afford to spend a little money.

In conclusion, from the above article we come to understand how easy it can be for you to add fans to your page if you do it the right way. These are some fairly basic tips for increasing you fan based online marketing skills. The best way to actually see the results is by <em>making a Facebook fan page </em>and get started using these tips to increase your fan base.

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